MAC Surfactants For Suspension Concentrates (SC)

SC formulation
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In the recent years SC formulations are also getting popular, the term SC means Suspension Concentrates which is also known as Flowables in US, which is designed to cover up the certain disadvantages experienced by the users with WP formulation. In other words, SC is the WP formulation in liquid form to rule out the possible disadvantage of WP formulation associated with its user unfriendliness such as

  • Dustiness or dust hazard at the time of manufacturing and at the time of its application.

  • Difficult to mix formulation in spray tank and requires more effort to mix/dilute thoroughly.

  • Poor strength of Suspensibility against hard water variation (not applicable if MAC surfactant is used).

  • Sometimes requires tank additives for enhance wetting of WP. variation (not applicable if MAC surfactant is used).

  • Cannot guarantee lower particle size on dilution with available water at user end.

  • Major difficulty in measurement of the dosage in accordance of the spray area.

Comparing against WP formulations, in the view of farmers/ user , SC is semi finish product or a premix product which is already in water based liquefied form which made the formulation…

  • Dust free.

  • Easy to pour and measure.

  • Comparatively lower particle size when diluted with water.

  • Easy to mix in spray tank with less effort.

  • Show Good strength of Suspensibility against hard water variation.

It is clear that SC is made with intension to produce the formulation which is user friendly, unlike WP and again effective like EC. End user doesn’t have to compromise on any disadvantages what WP formulations have.

The much known technological issues of SC formulations are

Expertise required for developing and also formulating a good stable formulation.

  • Sedimentation.

  • Freezing.

  • Stability is also very much dependent on consistency of surfactants.

  • Agglomeration.

  • Claying.

  • Crystal growth.

To know or compare the formulation or surfactant strength the formulation chemist must test the SC formulation for Suspensibility as per the method specified in BIS / WHO / CIPAC in 34.2ppm,342ppm & 500ppm hard waters.

At MAC, after sustained research we have developed such recipes with our MAC surfactants which successfully overcome the above mentioned technological issues.

MAC recipe, formulation technology and MAC surfactant provides

  • SC formulations having Suspensibility more than 97% in 20ppm to 500ppm hard waters at 4°C to 45°C

  • Minimum 85% active ingredient in Spontaneity of dispersion test

  • Controlled foaming

  • Residue less than 2% in Pourability test

  • Controlled pH

  • Controlled static charge

  • No sedimentation

  • No freezing

  • No Agglomeration.

  • No crystal growth

  • Stability against claying or cracking

MAC Surfactant Available For Suspension Concentrates.

Carbendazim 500 G/L

Tebuconazole 60,430 G/L

Sulphur 600,800 G/L

Hexaconazole 50 G/L

Mancozeb 500 G/L

Alphamethrin 50,100 G/L

Ametryn 500 G/L

Atrazine 500 G/L

Buprofenzin 250 G/L

Chlorothalonil 500 G/L

Deltamethrin 10, 25,200 G/L

Diuron 500,800 G/L

Endosulfan 350 G/L

Flumite 200 G/L

Imidachlorpid 200,305,350,480 G/L

Mancozeb 400 G/L

Terbuthylazine 500 G/L

Terbutrine 500 G/L

Thiram 500 G/L

Zirum 270 G/L

Metaldehyde 200 G/L

Carbofuran 400 G/L

Metametron 700 G/L