MAC Emulsifiers for Concentrated Emulsions or Emulsion in Water (EW)

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Immediate appearance of a drop on the slide.

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Concentrated Emulsion is generally termed as an emulsion in water (EW). It is an advanced technological version of Emulsifiable concentrates (EC).

Concentrated Emulsions are water based formulation.

In ECs, the finish product is available in solvent based liquid form, which is converted to milky white emulsion when it is subjected to dilution with water by consumer at the time of its application. Here in case of EW, the consumer will get the finished product already available in milky white emulsion form & like ECS it is to be diluted with water at the time of its application.

In EC, problem is mainly associated with use of Solvents that may give certain disadvantages to EC formulations such as

  • May be phyto-toxic to crops.

  • May increase dermal toxicity of formulation.

  • Fire hazards.

  • Cost of solvent used.

  • Inhalation irritability to humans.

  • Increased the vapour pressure on increasing atmospheric temperature.

  • Large Amount of bigger Emulsified particles remains when subjected to manual mixing at the consumer level which decreases the penetration and bioefficacy of the formulation.

In EW formulations all the problems are associated with the emulsion stability. In ECs we anticipate that emulsion should be stable for 48 hrs but here your EW should be stable till the shelf life of the formulation, period of which could be ½ year to 2 years & that to with high concentration of toxicant. It is very huge task for a formulator to give guarantee of emulsion stability for such prolong period.

We, at MAC after sustained research have developed such recipes using MAC Emulsifier which will give long term stability to EW.

MAC single component Emulsifier available for Concentrated Emulsions (EW)

Alphamethrin 5 EW
Cypermethrin 5 Ew
Cypermethrin 10 EW
Cypermethrin 20 EW
Fenvalerate 30EW
Fenvalerate 20EW
Quinalphos 20 EW
L- Cyhalothrin 2.5 EW
Cyfluthrin 5 EW
Nitrobenzene 20 EW
Tricontanol 0.1 EW
Chlorpyrifos 30 EW
Chlorpyrifos 20 EW