5 Major Advantages in dealing with Modi Auxiliaries & Chemicals

MAC offer such single component surfactant for WP,WDG,SC & EW which could replace wetting, dispersing, suspending & antifoaming agent and viscosity, pH modifier, which will avoid tedious job of setting combinations of number of additives in a formulation. Subsequently that reduces the probability of batch rejections and for Emulsifiable concentrate we offer only 1 general pair which covers 85-90% of pesticides formulations. More details in “About Us”


As a further effect of ”Simplification“ as mentioned above, the list of inventory reduces drastically and due to which the stock level also reduce heavily,that also simplifies the stock management.


As a post effect of simplification and reduction of inventories & stock levels, the funds involvement in emulsifiers & surfactants also reduce remarkably, more over due to dosage reduction & thereby increase in yield in your EC formulations, you will gain extra profit. More details in “Know Your Emulsifier Cost Wise”


At MAC we provide technologies & effective recipe for EW, SC, WP & WDG along with trouble shooting solutions to your QC department (instrumentation, testing methods), production department (for greater output + production machineries), formulation chemist (problem of active ingredient compatibility with rest of the ingredients along with packing materials in relation to the shelf life of the formulation, formulation cost working in relation to the economy). Refer to an example in “Method To Determine Pin Point Dosage And Ratio”


Using all the products offered by MAC you can formulate the products matching to all the international standard specification like WHO, CIPAC, FAO….etc. for your international business, besides performing best in all kind of hard waters under all probable climatic condition . All the products offered by MAC are Eco-friendly & Phyto friendly products in accordance with EU directives.