MAC Surfactants for Wettable Powders (WP) and Water Dispersible Granules (WDG)

We are research based surfactant & Emulsifier manufacturer, committed to develop easy and economic solution for pesticide formulations.

We have developed powered single component surfactant for improving the quality of the pesticide formulation at reduced cost. For example, manufacturing products like Malathion 50,40 & 25 WP as per WHO/FAO standards, requires better recipe & innovative formulation technology, where besides suspensibility and other criteria, it is very important to get control over the decomposition of such sensitive active ingredient and at the same time to retard the growth of Iso-Malathion.

On observing such physico-chemical requirement of Malathion 50,40 & 25 WP, we have developed such unique single component surfactant and formulation recipe, which is giving unbelievable performance in all the criteria including control of Malathion decomposition and formation of Iso-Malathion and also with suspensibilty above 90% in both, hard water as well as soft water.

Similarly, we have also worked & offer such effective surfactant and formulation recipe for other WP formulations, which will match the results stated below, economically.

  • Excellent flowability coupled with phenomenal low dusting criteria.

  • Excellent Wettability and dispersibility.

  • Controlled viscosity and acidity/alkalinity.

  • Incredible Suspensibility (Minimum 92% in 0 to 500 ppm water Hardness) coupled with low foaming.

  • Better storage stability under various ranges of temperatures.

  • Control over the lumps formation on prolonged storage.

  • Reduction of surface tension.

  • Allowing the spray droplet to flatten & spread giving greater coverage & performance.

Use of our surfactant simplifies the formulation procedure, minimise inventory level and reduce probability of batch failure as traditionally a formulator uses toxicant, absorbent (in case of liquid toxicant), wetting agent, suspending agent, dispersing agent, viscosity modifier, acidity / alkalinity modifier etc. requiring mixing/blending, pulverising and thereafter again blending etc.

The success of which would depends on

  • Selection and Combination ratio of the surfactants used.

  • Selection of absorbent and filler.

  • Micronization of particles achieved.

  • pH and Viscosity level of final blend.

Where, with our single component surfactant and our formulation recipe, the technologist will have to look after the Blending & Micronisation part only.

To know or compare the formulation or surfactant strength the formulation chemist must test the WP formulation for Suspensibility as per the method specified in BIS / WHO / CIPAC in 34.2ppm,342ppm & 500ppm hard waters.

Single Component System Available For Wettable Powder


Captan WP

Cypermethrin WP

α-Cypermethrin WP

Chlorpyrifos WP

Malathion WP

Carbendazim WP

Lindane WP

λ – Cyhalothrin WP

Mancozeb WP

δ -Methrin WP

Thiram WP

Using the same surfactants and changing the recipe, you can manufacture WDGs which are formulated with the toxicants in the solid form. Only out of the above list of the products and by using spray dried method.